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2023-24 Workshops & Retreats

Summer Awakening
Yoga Wellness Retreat

Lefkada, Greece | 24 -29 May 2024

​A beautiful fusion of Greek and Balinese styled property, the villas are set amongst beautiful lush foliage and ancient olive trees, with a panoramic outlook towards the Ionian Sea. 

A time for you to restore, rejuvenate, find balance and harmony in your life.

A time to reflect and a time to heal.

A time to nurture planted seeds and allow them to blossom, awakening into the Summer season...

You Breath Companion Workshop

Yoga Collective, London | 28 January 2023

Reconnect & Create Workshop
Art & Yoga

Yoga Collective, London | 18 March 2023

OM Yoga Show October 2023

​Hear the uplifting story of the day the monkey god, Hanuman, lost heart and confidence, but reframed his dilemma and rediscovered his courage.


Sarah and Sally will weave this delightful story through a 90-minute class including chanting, pranayama and asana. Focusing on muscular and organic energy, they will guide you into more courage and heart to lift into handstands and skilfully leap into Hanumanasana (splits). Using the Anusara principles of alignment, a heartfelt theme and partner work, you’ll discover that these poses and all areas of your practice can become even more joy-filled, spacious and attainable than you could ever have imagined!


Come together as a community, listen to the story and allow the yoga to expand and uplift your heart.

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