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Private Yoga Sessions

Tailored to support you

In-person / Online

Sally Talal yoga teacher in London, UK
Bespoke option 1

Inspire & Elevate

These 1-1 bespoke session are tailored to your needs to help you progress in your practice and reach your goals.

This private class is perfect for:

  • Advancing your asana practice

  • Refining alignment

  • Inversion and arm balance tuition

  • Injury management

  • Athletes

  • No meditation or shavasana

You will leave with a bespoke program which includes a personalised warm up and posture specific drills to help you on your path to achieving your goals. In order to create your bespoke 1-1 private yoga session, I will send you a short questionnaire once you've booked. Using the information provided I will tailor your class to your needs, experience level and goals.

Bespoke option 2

Balance & Restore

Designed to not only help you reach your goals but also to invoke inner balance through restoration and healing. Ideal for anyone who wants to prioritise both their physical and mental health.

Also includes:

  • A practice of your choice: Anusara, Vinyasa or Yin, Trauma-informed

  • Breath-work and/or meditation

  • Full body guided shavasana

In order to create your bespoke 1-1 private yoga sessions, I will send you a short questionnaire once you've booked. Using the information provided I will tailor your class to your needs, experience level and goals.

Bespoke option 3

Reconnect & Breathe

Our breath has a profound impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being and yet, we forget to truly breathe or to question, I'm I breathing correctly and efficiently? Using simple pranayama and breath-work techniques, one of its many powers is revealed by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system. Working with yoga and breath therapeutically is about the whole person and this is what we will explore together with.

In these sessions,

  • A medical history will be taken

  • Body, posture, simple movements and the breath may be observed

  • Learn general understanding of breath, tools and practices that can help support you in your daily life

  • You will leave with a bespoke program which includes personalised movement, specific breath-work / pranayama techniques to continue to practice in order to support and enhance your current breathing

  • Any concerns discussed


A number of sessions are likely needed to confirm safe and appropriate practice.


Frequency of sessions will be agreed mutually, often 1 week apart.

Sessions can be held in-person or online

One-off sessions, bundles and packages can be booked

Rates begin from £60/hour depending on duration of session, location and needs. 

Get in touch to find out more

Cancellation policy - 24 hours notice from the start time of session is required to cancel a session, otherwise the full price of the session will be due.

Johanna MacCabe

I first started private lessons with Sally in May 2022. After nearly 7 months of lessons, I am now at an advanced stage of yoga that I thought I would never achieve in my life. Sally’s use of yoga, breath work, mindfulness and guided meditations has been transformational for me and enabled me to really commit to my lessons with Sally: the health, joy, inner calmness and happiness it has brought me is nothing short of amazing.

Although I have tried out many yoga and pilates teachers over the years, no one has come close to Sally’s unbelievable combination of practices. Sally’s kindness, compassion, empathy, intellect, wisdom and dedication to her students is also second to none. I could not recommend Sally more and feel so very lucky to have found her.

Mayce Dadgoni

This was so powerful, so beautiful, so fantastic... I have no words. I feel so calm, filled and fulfilled... you were so empowering, so powerful and inspiring... your voice, the poses, the way you explained the poses... everything was so beautiful.

Thank you so much for doing this, thank you for following your purpose and stepping into your own power. 

You are a light for everyone else... thank you so much for making my day and allowing me to have the space to tap into that power.


Thank you <3

Dominic O'regon

I have had a few wonderful one-to-one sessions with Sally. Having had very little yoga practice, I wanted to improve my technique and feel more confident about attending classes in the future. Sally's teaching has been completely in sync with where I was at, in terms of my technique level, and where I was emotionally each day. She was very present with me, connected and her teaching style had a lovely flow to it - able to instruct on the specifics, but with an easy vibe. I guess a key measure is my feelings after each session. I felt light, content & happy, and more at peace with everything. I very much recommend Sally as a teacher (and I have also attended her classes, which had a similar feel and approach - again, recommended!).

Thanks Sally!

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