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What my students say

"I had the privilege of sharing Sally's beautiful Sunday morning class today. I am also a yoga teacher and have attended many many classes all over the world with so many different teachers but I have never experienced the emotions I did with Sally.


With her absolute abundance of loving kindness and the most soothing voice to hold space for her students. Which she does effortlessly with care and compassion. Her humbling and kind words ever present throughout the class. The class had all the elements a fantastic yoga class needs. I honestly can't wait for my next class with Sally.


Anyone can teach yoga but it takes a very special soul to be a yoga teacher that makes you fall in love with them the first class you attend! I advise anyone looking for a new teacher or starting their yoga journey to drop in on Sally's class and see for yourself how utterly special she is. Just perfect!


Thank you Sally. Aum nama Shivaya"

Lisa O'connell, Yoga Teacher

"Sally is a wonderful yoga teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her practice a few times, most recently as part of a group session she ran for non profit organisation TimePeace as part of a wellbeing programme. Sally expertly guided us in a yoga and meditation practice, facilitating us to connect with ourselves both physically and emotionally. Sally takes time to explain yoga not simply in terms of its physical benefits but how it can also support our wellbeing and emotional resilience. I love Sally’s classes and would recommend her to everyone."

"Sally is a passionate emerging yoga teacher who always gives her very best at every class that I have joined. Her themes bring delightful surprises and the cues inspired by the Anusara tradition are on spot. I recommend her classes to beginner looking for the best possible start or yogis who want to experience asanas on a deeper spiritual awareness."

Grace Burgess, TimePeace

Non-profit organisation

Sally teaches and gives from the heart and is passionate about her work. The love and dedication shines through her carefully delivered instructions, always with options to explore your own style or adapt to personal limitations. Sally manages to bring a fresh but relevant theme to each class and leaves us with something positive to focus on at the end of each session. Her classes are nurturing, creating a safe environment and have sometimes generated an emotional release, I shared my tears with Sally, she listened. I am so grateful to have Sally as a teacher, helping me find my path in yoga and to my inner self.


Andrew, Architect

"I’m grateful to have found Sally as my Yoga instructor. Not only is she fully committed to deliver a session catered to my needs, she also incorporates meditation, breath work and yoga in a cohesive way and weaves in its philosophy. She holds such a safe space and her calm, positive energy always leaves me feeling more balanced and centered."

Jennifer T., Executive Assistant

Thank you so much, Sally. You are a true gift and shining light that entered my life at just the right moment for me to fully appreciate all that you share. I feel relaxed attending the live Guided Meditation sessions on Zoom in my own surrounding. It allows me to attend around my family and work-life and take out some time for me. I am grateful that I can sit or lie in a way that is comfortable for me in the moment, rather than a standard position - this allows me to focus fully on my breathing and meditation as I am not very flexible. I would really recommend 'Yoga with Sally Talal' if you are self-conscious like me as she is so welcoming and brings out the best in you. I am so happy that I chose this path.


"My first yoga class with Sally was the first I'd had in many years and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She sets a wonderful tone in the class with her soothing voice, a warm smile and a lovely choice of music. To me, she is knowledgeable and approachable and I can't wait to have more classes with her."

Paul Leonidou, Music Producer

"Sally is able to seamlessly connect the mind and body during her yoga sessions creating a very holistic experience, I would strongly recommended you try her class for yourself"

Paul Sunich, Senior Project Manager

I have had a few wonderful one-to-one sessions with Sally. Having had very little yoga practice, I wanted to improve my technique and feel more confident about attending classes in the future. Sally's teaching has been completely in sync with where I was at, in terms of my technique level, and where I was emotionally each day. She was very present with me, connected and her teaching style had a lovely flow to it - able to instruct on the specifics, but with an easy vibe. I guess a key measure is my feelings after each session. I felt light, content & happy, and more at peace with everything. I very much recommend Sally as a teacher (and I have also attended her classes, which had a similar feel and approach - again, recommended!).
Thanks Sally!


Dominic O'regon

This was so powerful, so beautiful, so fantastic... I have no words. I feel so calm, filled and fulfilled... you were so empowering, so powerful and inspiring... your voice, the poses, the way you explained the poses... everything was so beautiful.

Thank you so much for doing this, thank you for following your purpose and stepping into your own power. 

You are a light for everyone else... thank you so much for making my day and allowing me to have the space to tap into that power. Thank you <3

Mayce Dadgoni, Mindset & Creative Life Coach

"I first started private lessons with Sally in May 2022. After nearly 7 months of lessons, I am now at an advanced stage of yoga that I thought I would never achieve in my life. Sally’s use of yoga, breath work, mindfulness and guided meditations has been transformational for me and enabled me to really commit to my lessons with Sally: the health, joy, inner calmness and happiness it has brought me is nothing short of amazing.

Although I have tried out many yoga and pilates teachers over the years, no one has come close to Sally’s unbelievable combination of practices. Sally’s kindness, compassion, empathy, intellect, wisdom and dedication to her students is also second to none. I could not recommend Sally more and feel so very lucky to have found her."

Johanna MacCabe

I have taken a few classes with Sally so far and loved them. It was relatively advanced, fast paced, flowy class, slightly challenging balance, flexibility and strength, whilst still allowing plenty of space to breathe and rest in between. It felt like we covered a lot of ground in just one hour and still had true calm at the end for relaxation, without rushing that. I liked Sally's clarity in language and instruction and the energy and confidence in her voice. Her guidance was balancing so well the technical instructions, explanations and deeper meanings of poses and movements - so the body and the mind.

Nora Boeggemann

"I thoroughly enjoy Sally's classes, the flows are great and the pacing is perfect. Sally is so welcoming and creates a great environment for practicing yoga. Can't recommend her enough!"

Paul Wilson, Software Developer

"Sally is an exceptional teacher, guide and person. I met Sally 4 months ago and finally, after years of looking, I knew I had found what I’d been looking for in a teacher.


Over this short period of 4 months, I have experienced great growth, thanks to Sally’s Yoga and Meditation practices. Sally guides me through the practices and shows me where to look and what to improve in order to grow. She is very gentle and always makes sure that my body limitations are valid in any particular practice.


Sally has great experience and knowledge, which she shows through many different types of practices. This allows me to experience and check what best serves me and my body. All of these combined create a safe place that I always want to come back to and where I am always welcomed.

I am incredibly grateful for the experience of growing with Sally, both as a yogi as well as a person."


Sally is an amazing teacher. Her classes are soothing and challenging at the same time. Definitely recommend her, you will keep coming back!

Angelica Santodomingo, Senior Programme Manager

"Having tried out various sessions and instructors, some great and some less in line with what I need, I always struggled to adhere to the sessions and maximize the potential yoga has. I saw that there is now evening sessions for the weekend, provided by Sally. Thought I would give that a try first.


To my shock, this was a full transformative experience; Sally has this authentic energy and seems to combine the best of all the various yoga variations I have experienced, and creates her holistic session (tailored feedback, technique, affirmations, meditation, aroma therapy, physical activity) that is personalised to the group.


She remembers the individuals and tailors to their needs, and I truly feel like she is going to transform us.


I am excited to make my evenings free just to attend her sessions. She goes above and beyond to provide quality sessions, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to interact with her."

Kei Cheung

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