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Welcome to SoulScape

A community for Intentional Living

We journey beyond yoga-on-the-mat and delve into the depths of intentional living. Our community is a space for those seeking profound inner exploration, personal accountability, and healing. 

A community rooted in SoulScape, where we ground into our body, nurture our spirits and reconnect with our intuition.
Here, each individual voice is heard, cherished, and supported. 

My offering

As a member you’ll receive access to the following:

1. Beginning-of-month ritual

At the beginning of each month, we gather in an intimate sharing circle to explore a new theme and set our intentions for the weeks ahead. We connect deeply and ground ourselves through chanting, meditation, breathwork, art, EFT or dance as we embark on this collective journey.

2. Weekly Yin Yoga classes

Experience the serenity of our weekly Yin and meditation/pranayama classes. Delve into relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner peace. Can't make the session live? No worries - classes are recorded for your convenience.

3. End-of-month ritual

Experience a nourishing 75-minute Anusara session at the end of each themed month. Immerse yourself in the practice, feel, move and breathe to the rhythm that is You.

4. Online intimate community

Stay connected with fellow SoulScapers, share insights, seek support, cultivate meaningful connections and celebrate your journey in our exclusive WhatsApp group. 

5. On demand library

Access hundreds of hours of past yoga classes and discover new ones in our expansive on-demand library. Whether you seek gentle flows, dynamic sequences, or restorative practices, SoulScape has something for every journey.

In addition...

Occasional wellness speaker sessions

Be inspired by leading wellness speakers as they share their insights and wisdom. Join us for thought-provoking discussions, empowering events designed to expand your  horizons and deepen your understanding of holistic living.

Exclusive Benefits

Be the first to know about upcoming events, workshops, and retreats. Enjoy discounted offerings on special events and unique opportunities to deepen your practice.

Bring a friend

Members can bring a family/friend to a session for free once per month. Together, we'll spread the light of intentional living and mindful exploration.

My invitation to be part of a global collective of curious minds and creative spirits.

Are you ready to explore you Inner Scape? Choose the plan that works for you

  • SoulScape Monthly

    Every month
    Join SoulScape today and get instant access to our full library of classes, gatherings and events
    • Begin every month with a themed intimate sharing circle
    • Weekly Yin + meditation/breath-work
    • End of month Ritual - 75 min Anusara Flow
    • On-Demand Library of anusara, meditations and yin classes
    • Occasional wellness talks
    • Be part of a supportive & engaging community via Whatsapp
  • SoulScape Annual

    Every year
    Commit and begin to see your energy shift (2 months free)
    • Includes all offerings
    • Save value of 2 months
    • + Receive discounts on workshops, events and retreats!
  • Drop in

    Join one of our rituals to experience the community first hand
    Valid for one month
    • Choose:
    • Beginning of month sharing circle gathering
    • Weekly Yin yoga class
    • Anusara end-of-month ritual

Most members stay with us for a very long time.
However, you may cancel your monthly membership whenever you wish to.

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