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That awkward moment


When you teach yoga and meditation - practices known for taming the ego,

and you’re asked to write an About Me page

I was born in Iraq, raised in Greece and now living in the diverse city of London.


Growing up, I experienced the differences that come with the diversity of two cultures clashing which led to feelings of confusion, identity crisis and low self-esteem to pivot my life and choices. I felt that I lived under two personas, wearing different masks in different settings which knocked upon a door of questioning and opened a whole world of self-discovery. It allowed me to question, who am I? What is my truth? What are my values? What does my authentic self look like if unmasked?


Art has been a constant part of my life. It helped me explore, create and manifest creations freely. It was interesting to see once my art was complete, how much of my emotions and the unconscious mind has been relayed onto the painting, from a psychological standpoint. Without me knowing it, art was my coping mechanism and my release.


My Yoga journey began at the age of 17. At first, yoga was a way for me to build and maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. After finding a consistent practice and introducing meditation and breathwork, I discovered that these rituals can help unveil unconscious realisations, peeling away the layers to know, accept and unconditionally love one's true self. 


I wanted to share this with the world and decided to complete my 200 hours in Anusara Hatha Yoga  under the guidance of Bridget Woods Kramer, one of the top five Internationally renowned Certified Anusara Teachers. 


My teaching is inspired by the heart, precision and grace of Anusara yoga and encompasses a loving and supportive, fluid and dynamic, explorative and healing environment to help invite you to tap inwards - bringing more love, equanimity and alignment on and off the mat - living harmoniously in the essence of your authentic self. 


I believe that life is a constant journey of surrender and inner growth, drawing us to evolve beyond the boundaries of the ego and shift the way we choose to respond to different experiences that come our way. 


Yoga Education and Certifications

I am deeply grateful for the knowledge and wisdom acquired through Teacher Trainings, mentorship, CPDs and personal studies. Consistent learning and growth is part my journey.

Anusara Elements Hatha Yoga (200-hrs)

Triyoga London with Bridget Woods Kramer

Yin yoga (50-hrs)

The Science and Application of Breathing Practices (30-hrs)

The Minded Institute London with Heather Mason

Trauma informed yoga to diverse communities (20-hrs)

OURMALA with Claire Collison, Dr Stephanie Minchin and Leila Sadeghee

with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts

Yoga Therapy for PTSD (20-hrs)

The Minded Institute London with Heather Mason

Level-up Mentorship Programme (100 CPD)

with Adam Husler

Bachelor in Psychology and Literature

My Intention

I want to share this ancient, life changing practice with anyone who is willing to walk this journey with me.


My purpose is to ignite self inquiry, creativity and exploration through art and yoga - to encourage healing and transformation. For each one of us to move towards our highest potential, to find space to simply be who we are, unapologetically; and allow our inner brightness to shine out into the world. 

I am also passionate about making yoga accessible for everyone and have begun a small Social Enterprise to offer free yoga classes to refugees and asylum seekers.


I'd love to create our inclusive community alongside one another, express this authentic transformation and help others find healing connections between their bodies, mind and soul through my deep-rooted passion for art and yoga. 

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